Some photos from today

We had the first snow of the season today. It was really cool to see three seasons at once. We still have trees with green leaves, trees with red and gold leaves, and now snow on top of them. A friend and I went on a little drive during our lunch hour to see what we could see that was worth shooting. I think I can up with a few good shots!


Morning in Saratoga

Here are some pictures I took this morning in Wilton, NY, and Round Lake, NY. I love shooting morning sky and sunrise photos. There is such dramatic lighting. And this morning the cloud formations were really awesome too.

Storm over the Hudson

I took these over the summer, but never got around to putting them up, and frankly, forgot about them! So here’s  a reminisce about summer thunderstorms.


Tail Lights and Moon Light

Some shots taken from my front yard. You don’t always have to go very far to get a few good shots. Check it out:


A Visit to Hyde Park

Wifey and I went to Hyde Park New York a few weeks ago, so she could attend the CIA for a class. The Culinary Institute of America is located on the grounds of a former seminary, and the main dining hall is the former chapel. Truly an amazing place. While she attended her class, I was able to roam the countryside and get some pretty cool shots. Take a look:


Night Shots

My attempt at night photography. Room for improvement!



It was a beautiful morning in Upstate New York, so I stopped off at one of my favorite haunts to see if I could get something nice. It was about 8:30 am, and I was on my way to work, so I didn’t have long to shoot. But I think I did ok. What do you think?