Random shot

Yours truly gets jiggy with HDR.


A Tribute to Maine

It’s no secret that I love to go to Maine. Most people want to retire to Florida. I want to retire to Maine. I’ve been many times, and seen so many beautiful places. I’ve shared a few pictures of my favorite places below.

A few photos from a recent ballgame

The wife and I went to see the Valley Cats play last night at Joe Bruno Stadium. First of all, Joe Bruno Stadium is a wonderful venue!! It’s a small stadium, and not a bad seat in the house. We sat right behind home plate (thanks, Mannix Marketing!!). And it was a good thing we did with the amount of foul balls hit, we would have been dodging balls all night!! Thank God for the huge net in front of us! Anyway, the weather was perfect, and it was a good game. I’d go again if I got more free tickets!!!