Fishing at Round Lake New York

One of my favorite fishing spots around here is Round Lake. Round Lake is a shallow bowl of a lake in the village of Round Lake. At it’s deepest, it is about 20 feet and that is near the eastern shore, accessible only by boat. There are plenty of fishing spots on the western shore, near Route 9, and there is a public boat launch there too. It is pretty shallow in this area, but there are lots of weed beds and lily pads which provide perfect cover for the bass and sunfish which inhabit this lake. It’s the perfect lake to just pull over onto the shoulder, haul out your gear from the trunk, and start fishing. The only downside is a lot of highway noise from Route 9. But as you can see below, the lake is quite beautiful. My wife and I lost count of how many bluegill and pumpkinseeds we hauled out of the lilypads. We even caught a few small bass. It’s not the kind of spot that has a lot of huge fish, at least not in the area we were fishing, but if you have a boat, and can venture out to the deeper areas, who knows? It’s the perfect place for a carefree evening of catching (as my wife likes to call it) instead of fishing!!

Wifey doing her thing. She barely got her worm in the water before she had a fish on it!!
As you can see, it is quite scenic.
We were able to watch a family of geese on parade.

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